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Sprockers are a family like all other; coming from a rather elite secret club decades ago there has been an explosion of fluffy happiness arrive in the canine scene. As with everything in life nothing is simple, there are always people out there wanting to find fault. I have been told we (as Sprocker Spaniel Breeders) produce ‘Mongrels’ (charming) and I can’t advertise my stud dogs services on one of the biggest websites in the UK because my boys produce ‘Mongrels’. My initial reaction is ‘well they are not mongrels, they are Spaniels, have always been Spaniels and always will’. How annoying is that!

No one seems to find spending a fortune on a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel and Poodle) ‘wrong’ if any type of dog is a mongrel and / or cross breed it is dogs like them. Anyway I rather like Cockapoos to be honest and, since I come from a hugely diverse family background myself finds me referring to my own nationality as a mongrel I don’t find any problem with the word. BUT it does rankle a bit...

What do you get by being a Member?

For the initial annual small fee you can have access to the whole site, reading and taking on board all of our thoughts, advice and varying opinions (of which there are quite a few). We can help you link up with other Sprockers in your vicinity, advertise any events you know of and search up siblings of your own dog. We securely store your spaniel's details including microchip number for a ‘go to’ place in any ‘lost emergencies’. The website opens up a wealth of help at this awful time and even gives you a specific poster to print off. The Sprocker directory of anything and everything from handmade collars to bespoke Sprocker dog bowls is there for your perusal. And very importantly we would ask you to share your dog’s photo in our gallery of pride. You might not be in the slightest interested in pedigree papers and kennel names but please help us produce a whole host of everlasting differing Sprocker across the gallery. This is also a great place to have a long look at if you at the stage of searching for your first puppy. From chocolate, lemon, liver and white roan there is huge diversity of our dogs out there and this is prefect way for you to understand the differing colours, coats, body shapes and faces all under the same umbrella.

Moving up we can give you the chance to create your dog’s pedigree name to adorn your certificate. From experience, it’s always interesting if you get any meandering children to help (personally I wouldn’t after many bad experiences which involved tears, shouting and doors being slammed). My favourite Sprocker Pedigree name I put on a certificate was ‘Fifi Trixabelle Hamster Lulu Orange Tinkle Mary Jones’. But what you choose is completely up to you.

For the second fee (optional) we can search out your dog’s family tree and put together your five generation pedigree paper. This is something that can take time to do and relies on 100 per cent correct spelling of the Kennel Club names of the mother and father of your Spaniel so we don’t ask for our fee until the pedigree is complete.

So what’s a pedigree?

Your pedigree is simply your family tree with a posh name. Nothing wrong with that but it can help signify the importance (to some) of family. All Sprockers are family pure and simple, no one ever told a spaniel it was a dog and if they did it was clearly not listened to (thank goodness). Are we not all a little bit fascinated with our past? It is not always good but always intriguing in my mind. Names, dates and places build us a dream of where we came from and who, in essence, we are.

So a pedigree paper shows background, mystery and a family foundation for your dog. You don’t have to have it, for some it’s important and for some, it is not. The Kennel Club names are always interesting in one shape or form; some require a bit of humour others a bit of translating. I have been known to come up with some beauties and some, with all the best will in the world, can only be regarded as a bad night’s sleep and too much coffee in the morning. ‘The Fury of The Sunrise’ is probably the most existential of the lot, fortunately, this was given to a girl we kept (Skye) and I didn’t have to bestow some poor family with it!

Our Sprockers have their own Pedigree names, why should the Springers and the Cockers have a title and not them? Flo is ’Uggeshall Blue Smoke Beauty’ (random or inspired? You can make your own choice on that), whereas as Ernie is ‘Uggeshall Bring Me Sunshine’ after the late Ernie Wise. The first makes me well up a bit (no idea why it just does) and the second gets me singing tunelessly ‘Bring me Sunshine’ all day.

New Members are always welcome, we do charge a small annual fee (£6) for Membership but that gives you full access to all the information and resources available on this website.

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