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There is always a point (or several) when you come across a problem that you have no idea how to solve it. It happens to everyone, experienced or not, but where do you turn? Yes there are many Facebook forums and pages BUT the majority of the people on there offering their advice are not experts and you will get blindsided by the multitude of differing opinions so much to the point you might wish you had never asked! Another option would be your vet but that costs time and money and even they cannot help you with everything that can crop up.

We are giving you access to people with experience, knowledge and a will to help you in nutrition and diet, general training and day to day advice. There is no judgement since; no doubt, they would have asked the same question at one point in their lives too. So no matter how silly you think the question is, just go for it, send an email to the relevant person and they will get back to you. Their advice and good will is simply in place because they want to help others, no monetary business is in hand. Our experts will do their best to get back to you in 24 hours and if they feel they cannot help you they can point you in another direction.

  • Why would I need an expert when I can get feedback from Facebook or a vet?

  • So how can you help me and in what fields?

  • How long would I have to wait to get an answer?

Our experts:

Stephen Salter owner of ‘Salters Pet Nutrition’.

Stephen Salter

At Salters we have made our foods for over 20 years. We have always used the same recipes and suppliers, truly just quality ingredients which make up a very high standard of dog food.

I have found that a lot of the problems that our dogs suffer with in many cases can be food related, in simple terms you will only get out of a food, what it’s formed from, as we say in Suffolk can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!!

If you have a dog with flaky skin, dull coat, crusty eyes, poor stool formation,(or, no formation, often the case), unenthusiastic and generally under the weather this can simply be down to a poor quality food or the wrong food for your dog’s metabolism. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Richard Botwright partner in ‘Uggeshall Kennels’ and Gundog Trainer.

Richard Botwright

Decades before becoming partner in Uggeshall Kennels my daily work has always involved dogs, both as a Game keeper and working dogs and on a personal level with family dogs. Being Head Keeper at the prestigious Brocket Estate for many years made sure my experience and knowledge of the working dog had to live up to their expectations and high standards. These days a lot of my work is still on the gundog training side but 80 per cent of Uggeshalls pups go to family homes means that I have honed my work towards training pets and family dogs.

Anne-Marie Millard – partner in Uggeshall Kennels and author of ‘The Sprocker Spaniel’

Anne-Marie Millard

Having started my Spaniel ownership and business from scratch with no knowledge what so ever of what a Spaniel actually ‘did’ has put me in the position of having asked lots of people lots of very basic questions in my quest to where I am today. A London girl first and foremost and then morphing into a Suffolk Women I can promise that I have complete empathy with all the tiny details and worries that we can come up against. If you are looking into the minefield of buying a puppy for first time or you just need a bit of moral support with your existing Sprocker then I will be waiting to help you as much as I can.

David Tomlinson – professional writer on gundogs, wildlife and other country subjects. Apart from ‘Shooting Times’ he also contributes a monthly column, Sporting Dog, to ‘The Field’.

David Tomlinson

I was 13 when I got my first dog, a show-bred blue-roan-and-tan cocker spaniel. I loved him dearly, but his temperament was suspect, probably because he had been bred for his looks rather than for his nature or working ability. My wife, Jan, and I have now had English springer spaniels for 35 years, while last year a sprocker, Emma, joined the Tomlinson household. Though all our spaniels have worked to the gun, something they love to do, they have all been members of the family.

The decision to get a sprocker was an easy one. For almost 20 years I’ve written a weekly gundog column for Shooting Times, and in that time I’ve not only seen a lot of dogs, but also become very much aware of the perils of inbreeding. Sprockers have the advantage of two gene pools – springer and cocker – so there’s no chance that you will find the same sire on both sides of the pedigree. They also have the advantage of being 100% spaniel.

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