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So why are we promoting a breed register for Sprockers?

Cockers and springers share the same ancestry, for both are descended from the land spaniel. It was once possible to breed both cockers and springers from the same litter, as the bigger animals were called springers, the smaller one’s cockers. The dividing line was a height of 21in at the shoulder. Selective breeding, and mating similar dogs with each other, resulted in the two breeds we know today. The Sprocker is not a mongrel or a cross breed. It is a 100 percent pure Spaniel

However, the Kennel Club doesn’t recognise the Sprocker as an official breed, so it’s barred from entering any tests or trials held under KC rules. This infuriates many owners, convinced that their dogs could hold their own against springers or cockers in competition. There has been (and still is) a growing campaign to give Sprockers the recognition they deserve. In this case it is not about the Kennel club recognising the Sprocker as a breed but simply wanting it to be acknowledged as a Spaniel so it falls under the umbrella of AV (any variety) so they can compete against other Spaniels. Which seems fair….

However, this is highly unlikely (take that as an understatement bar none). Because Sprockers are not an official breed, the KC receives no revenue from registrations, so there’s no incentive for what would be a major rule change. In addition, owners of English springers or cockers might not be too happy about their dogs being beaten by non-pedigree spaniels.

Another point from the Kennel Club is about attaining a breed standard which they feel would be impossible to attain given the eclectic nature of the Sprockers heritage. The fact we love the diversity that a Sprocker can look like works against him being able to be labelled with a specific size and shape enabling them to be a standard or a perfectly formed example of this particular type of dog.

A Typical Sprocker

The Kennel Club is also concerned that some unscrupulous breeders may be breeding these types of dog simply for financial profit, rather than with the health and welfare of the dogs in mind. This can mean that they will mass produce puppies to meet the latest trend and will sell them on to people who are buying the dog as a fad rather than based on an educated decision about what is right for them. Buying a dog is a lifetime commitment and they should not be purchased on a whim or to go along with the latest fashion.

The Kennel Club is further concerned that the crossing of these breeds may result in health problems if the breeder is more interested in making money than about welfare. Any responsible breeder will undertake health tests prior to breeding a litter and this should apply just as much to a crossbreed as to a purebred dog.

So where does this leave us? We are here to celebrate the Sprocker with its own breed register. We are here to join paws together and show a united front. We wish to showcase our dogs in the best possible light. And why not?

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