Welcome to the Sprocker Spaniel Club

This website is intended for everyone who has a Sprocker, is waiting for a Sprocker puppy, is considering buying a Sprocker puppy or who even isn’t very sure exactly what a Sprocker is. The site is a veritable goldmine of information for the all of the above to support you whichever path you want to take to being a fully-fledged Sprocker owner from puppyhood, teenage years, adult and into senior citizen.

In addition to all the essential information, about Sprocker health, various training methods, puppy selection and much more, we aim to bestow the heritage that is so often overlooked for our beloved Spaniels. Within this website, we are going to produce a stunning congratulatory library of every type of Sprocker there is. We applaud the diversity of this Spaniel so whether your Sprocker is a ‘first generation’ Sprocker (full working Springer dam and full working Cocker stud or vice-versa) or a wonderful mixture of ‘show’ spaniels or indeed bred from a Sprocker itself. There is no hierarchy here.

We can also provide some assistance if your dog goes missing, offer a directory of perfect Sprocker products hand tested by us, a panel of real live experts in their field ready to answer your problems or questions, and the chance to have five generation pedigree papers for your dog(s), which we will endeavour to create for you.

New Members are always welcome, we do charge a small annual fee (£6) for Membership but that gives you full access to all the information and resources available on this website.

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