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More Dog Treats

Can dogs have ice cream?

You may be tempted to give your Spaniel a lick of your own ice cream once in a while. But since ice cream is made with milk and dogs can find it difficult to digest dairy, you could upset your dog’s tummy. It could lead to bloating, vomiting, gas or diarrhoea. Most human ice creams are also laden with sugar which can cause health problems or weight gain. Even if the ice cream contains no sugar, it may be substituted with sweeteners such as Xylitol which is toxic to dogs. Some flavours such as chocolate are also toxic to dogs, so it’s best to avoid giving your pooch human ice cream and stick to giving these delicious recipes a whirl.

Apple and peanut yummy bits

Most dogs go crazy for peanut butter and we’re sure these fruit and nut yummies won’t disappoint. The perfect treat for your dog to devour while cooling off in the shade.


1 cup of plain or Greek yoghurt

1 apple

2 tablespoons of organic peanut butter (VERY important)


Mix your yogurt and peanut butter together in a mixing jug and add a splash of water if required.

Slice your apple into bite-sized chunks and remove any seeds.

Fill your ice cube trays almost to the top and place your apple chunk in the centre of each slot.

Pop them in the freezer and serve when frozen.

Minty fresh

These icy, meat-flavoured treats are perfect to cool a warm pooch. They’re a fabulous low-calorie option if you’re watching your dog’s weight as they’re low in fat and sugar. With a bunch of parsley thrown in for good measure, they’ll also keep pup’s breath nice and fresh.


1 reduced-salt chicken stock cube

450ml of water

A small handful of parsley


Dissolve the stock cube thoroughly in water and set aside.

Chop your parsley finely and stir into the chicken stock.

Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and pop them in the freezer.

Serve on their own or add one to your dog’s water bowl to add flavour. If you’re concerned that your dog doesn’t drink enough on warm days, the meaty flavours may encourage them to rehydrate.

Super mega pawesome fun-filled frozen cake. With toys!

The ultimate treat for a sweltering day or when you have doggy friends around. This frozen cake will help your pup stay hydrated while keeping them entertained all afternoon. The perfect way for your pooch to spend those toasty days relaxing in your garden.


3 reduced-salt chicken stock cubes

1 ½ litres of water




Dissolve the stock cubes in water in a large bowl and pour the mixture into a cake tin.

Add your pooch’s favourite toys and a few treats such as dog biscuits, bully sticks or a filled Kong. You can try one of the recipes we’ve mentioned above!

Pop the whole tin in the freezer for a few hours and serve. Simply bliss!

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