To Dock Or Not To Dock

To Dock Or Not To Dock
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For some docking tails is a way of life (docking is not just for dogs) but, for people from a less rural background it can come across as barbaric. So, in order to be on a level playing field of knowledge, you need a fresh or perspective on the act. You will come across it in looking for a ‘working’ spaniel puppy (and opposed to ‘show’ spaniel) and it deserves to be thought through and for you to have had all the facts put in front of you.

  • What does having a tail ‘docked’ actually mean?

  • Why would it be important for me to not have my puppies tail docked?

  • History of docking – this process has clearly been around a long while why have I not heard of it?

  • The Law related to docking –what do I need to know to make an educated choice?

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